Thursday, February 7, 2013

When Krishna stole flowers

As we go through life, the stories that we tell and those that we seem to listen to are often increasingly about us and for us..occasions that celebrate oneself can perhaps be claustrophobic at rise to the need to look beyond our own and find happiness in completely remote and unconnected ways...tell the story of another for a change.

I was on one of my walks, when I saw this lady. I see her often in fact, she picks flowers for puja from flowering trees outside people's homes( which have been planted by the people, who's house's are close to the pavements..since in India often we don't have pavements anymore) I went close to her and asked her why she plucked flowers from plants that had been planted by the house owners.

She looked at me and smilingly said, 'krishna stole everyone's butter, why did no one accuse him of anything.' I smiled and asked if I could help her..she seemed to be pleased and asked me to carry her little bag, while she rounded up the flowers for Puja...I came back strangely at peace.

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Anonymous said...

Similar reasoning I have presented when I was going thru an illicit relation ;)