Friday, July 19, 2013

Only the rock lives

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So I am teaching my daughter about Asteroids and Meteorites, the book defines them as 'pieces of rock revolving around the sun. When they come near the earth they are puled by the force of gravitation and the friction produces fire, making them look like shooting stars.' My daughter says, 'wow mum some planet breaks and the rocks remain suspended so long in time?' I smile and think, perhaps it is only the rocks that are real, the emotions vanish, man vanishes, what remains hanging in space are rocks. I show her this picture then and she looks at other craters created from the impact of the Meteor, I tell her to concentrate on the rock, because that is what shall always remain. The crater would be filled, the rock might disintegrate into dust beyond a point but in that speck it would still remain hanging and suspended somewhere unlike any of us and our thoughts..the notion in itself eerie yet comforting. 

When I teach her about inscription I find myself fascinated by the fact that you carve a piece of your thought into stone, a poem or a painting like a caveman might have done thousands of years ago and someone discovers it many many years later..they pass their hands on it, wonder what emotion made you write what you did and you are alive even if for a bit in that space and that thought..the rock lives, it survives and so does your thought..hanging somewhere suspended in time. 

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The Unknowngnome said...

We be stardust moving in total abandonment but why is it we look to leave a mark?

As for man vanishing, is that why this rock finds sand in his eyes on rising?

Enjoyed this contemplation much. :)