Thursday, May 10, 2012

'Duvidha' of Nira and Chandri

While searching for something on Google, I came across this picture..posted as a part of a blog post on films by Mani kaul. The image is from the film maker's film titled 'Duvidha' made in 1973. Rather aptly titled, I thought. For some reason I could not take my eyes off the woman, her stance or her eyes. The title of the film and her expression reminded me of two literary pieces describing two strong women, both a figment of the imagination and yet both so real.

Chandri, is a low caste woman who is an integral character in the book by U.R Ananth Murthy- 'Samskara'..Chandri, is a beautiful woman, she is described as, 'Chandri was natual in giving pleasure' care. The very act of physical loving to her spelled giving care. A passage where she soothes the very disturbed Acharya goes, " She took off her Sari, spread it on the ground and lay on it hugging Praneshacharya close to her, weeping, flowing in helpless tears."

In a somewhat similar vein is the character of Nira by Sunil Gangopadhyay, who created a woman who was a part of every man's physical and aesthetic sense. Nira is a culmination of every desire both mental and physical and in giving her this form, the poet makes her supreme. Verses from 'For these verses there is no one else, there’s just you, Nira'- By Sunil Gangopadhyay ( translated by Arunava Sinha )

Don’t be afraid. Sleep. I am a long way away
My dreadful hand will not touch you, this midnight
My impossible arousal, heat, sharp desire and
Muffled groan will not terrorise you – my feelings
Like the beam of the candle, civilised, cool
On verses of sounds and words
Will visit your brow – if they kiss you
You will not know it, they will lie with you on the same bed
All night – you will not awake. In the morning
They will droop like dead butterflies near your feet. Their soul
Will merge into every pore of your body, forever.

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indu chhibber said...

When men eulogize such women,don't you think they are abetting their exploitation?

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