Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The cat who ate my Masala fish fry..while I FB'd

There's really no need to think of this as airing a personal vendetta against cats..but if you do I don't really care a fig.. Since time immemorial (Ok so I'm not that old) but then again since time immemorial, I have hated cats. I happen to think they are furry balls of deception, ready to claw you at the slightest pretext. Its a different matter that I happened to have a friend some time back who loved cats and I had to construe emotions that I never felt, at her love for them.

But this is not all about cats, my hate for them or crass a piece of literature ( ok whatever) that you might think of. There's more to it, and a story rather peaceful & hilarious somewhere down if you care to listen.

I got some very good fish today ( which is a rarity in Bangalore) and decided to make Masala fish fry, which I did & placed it, just ready to eat in some time. So I'm at my Fb page..doing important stuff ( And I belong to the group named- Just because I'm on FB doesn't meant I don't work)..so you get the hint..Im replying to mails..when this sneaky little brown cat, leaps up the kitchen counter and in a matter of minutes ( even before I can react to what was the noise all about) vanishes with all the fish..some in the mouth & some in the belly.

I'm of course sweetness personified as I see my lunch going through a cats tum ( I could still bear it if a dog had had it..but never a cat! Those treacherous creatures. Its all about principles you see!) But in the pandemonium I'm reminded of a similar incident that happened way back in childhood in Digboi( Assam).

So this tale from Digboi goes..We had a dog called Brownie ( That we had Blackies and Bhuto's & Baghas too is besides the point..blame it on Bong idiosyncrasies!)..On one fine day, we were alerted by some one we called Nani ( A Coolie tribe woman) to the exciting fact that a deer had been caught in the fence bordering our Bungalow. Everyone was excited, some at the prospect of whether the deer could be sampled for deer meat, some at the prospect of seeing a deer so close & Brownie for reasons very different. Of course in the end, we decided and struggled to release the deer, back into the jungle where it belonged to. But amid st the heart warming sight of the deer jump back in a flash into the forest, we were treated with the sight of Brownie ( who I believe had waited all his life for an opportunity like this) carrying three chapatis in his mouth and wagging his tail at his master's & Nani's voice that screamed at him.. aghast at seeing her breakfast ( which she had forgotten all about & kept on a plate in the ground) gone down his tum..It is a different fact that I managed to find some nobility in the event & as befitted a true dog lover termed it as 'Taking advantage of a situation..& the works'..but that day..like today..it was the animal in question who had the last laugh.

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The Unknowngnome said...

So how many lives does the cat have left? :) Sorry for lunch disappearing but it is a funny write. :)

indu chhibber said...

as we say "daane daane pe likha hai khane wale kaa naam"!

Mom with a Dot said...

Ha! Ha! The Assam incident was so funny. Anything a dog does, goes. I am soooo NOT a cat person!

Rahul Bhatia said...

A classic case of role reversal. The cat played indulgently while mice were busy:)

Shashiprakash Saini said...

Good one
As we say in bhojpuri
"आन का दाना चाप के खाना मर जाना परवाह नहीं"

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury said...

Thank you everyone for reading :)