Monday, January 2, 2012


I closed my eyes…I dived into a world was green, shimmery..everything seemed to be floating around me..there were thousands of neurons and nerve like structures..delicate feline, just about to break if you had the audacity to touch them..they seemed to be floating..gently..I raised a finger to touch them, but they swayed back, as if in the fear that their dreams would be broken..and then suddenly I had body seemed to sway without knowing that it was gravitating towards any particular creature or substance..suddenly I had this urge to visit one crevice that seemed to be had little nerve like ends..they were red in color..through the haze of bluish green color..I watched the nerves if they had been touched..felt shy and retreated back into their own worlds of dreams..I floated past some of the red tendril like creatures arms flung in longing they seemed and yet I knew if I touched them they would retreat into their lost world….I looked up, there seemed to be thousands of little children there playing ping pong throwing up their dreams, their conversations and their fears in some bizarre mad juggle and amazingly so not a single dream nor a single wish, nor conversation fell out of rhythm..I saw then an six year old, shaking her little brother it seemed she wanted to know something, the little brother only had a mysterious smile about him..I felt like slipping into the six year olds mind..just for a bit I thought, I was sure she wouldn’t mind….I slided in pretty smoothly..her neurons were different, they waved into the air with dream like majesty too..but they were happy neurons or so I thought..they didn’t feel threatened, instead they seemed to be happy to see me and welcome me without judgment of who I was and why I had come . I put my ears against one of those soft red tendrils to hear what she was thinking..At first I couldn’t hear much..hear with happiness, hear without malice, hear without thoughts of taking from another..someone seemed to whisper..I smiled..I closed my eyes and leaned again..this time I heard a soft music like voice say to her brother..” I want to feel God once more..will you help me..will you tell me how he looked like..I seem to be forgetting fast”

I felt blotches of water on my face..I opened my eyes, it was raining all around me, while I lay on the grass in my garden, My book of ‘How to explore the brain’ lay open at page 85, wet, real and a mesh of papyrus..Little fireflies laughed.

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The Unknowngnome said...

You took me down to seabed and with ascending bubbles raised me to Rememberance to lay me down with rain, setting neurons firing like little fireflies.

Lady Whispers said...

Wow you write so very beautifully :)
loved the write :)

Raj said...

Sheer magic! You took me on a wonderful journey through your neurons. :)