Saturday, August 22, 2009

The 'Bai' syndrome, a compulsive disorder?

The 'bai' syndrome a compulsive disorder?

There's something common amongst all of us so called hi flier women. Amidst the balance sheets, nail biting, tooth clenching, catty meaos & droolls galore, we all face what I call the 'Bai' syndrome! An elusive breed an exclusive lot they are our Kam wali bais as we know them to be. But no 'ghar ki mulis here'.. lemme point that out, nor 'dal barabar'..oh they are a swish set. Come to think of it they are so integral to our lives, that I wonder what we would do without them. Just about yesterday..the kitchen was a mess, the house a friendly scatter, work beckoned me, yet the mind was ellusive after all it was 2 minutes past 10! The official come time gone which had passed away... what was i to do amidst this nail biting loss of concentration. Tried some songs & then decided to plunge headlong into a bit here and a bit there salvaging my home so that i might find some semblance of sanity. Amidst the turmoil & Rashid Khan's baritone, suddenly a merry chime.. my feet rushed to the door, a happy smile, wide eyes....the Bai was here at last! My welcoming smile fell on a moustace, a lappy & tired eyes as I heard myself exclaim You! The pensive oh! was welcome enough for a hubby returned home post his 3 day tour & was i happy...nah, he wasn't the Bai you see. Composure regained, smile intact, i welcomed him back of course, but the lovers eyes saught the bai..had she really taken a gallop? A trifle late but full of importance she marched in while I was nail biting yet again, should I be composed & strict & show her , HER place you know.. but then i relented it's ok yaar she's just 30 mins late( 30 mins late! its half an hour but shhhh.... in Bai dom thats quite chalable I guess)
For all us exclusive breed of women, of finishing schools and univs that rock, nothing prepared us for one of life's exclusive anxieties 'The Bai syndrome'. A recent trip to my sisters home once again I witnessed the same. Polished, careerist, feminist little birdie she couldn't find freedom from the bai syndrome too. Mornings pre teas were.." has the Bai come?" and after she left it was inspection and ladies club time.."last time i had one she was punctual but too smart", mom pitched in her chime..."I am so tired of their one minute guest appearances!" And then again ladies it Bai time, come evening the same exclusive lot, we wear our smiles & welcome her home, all woes forgotten, just so happy to see her intact, whole & commable!
To such exclusive GIRL power.. Here's to Baidom!

© 2009 Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury

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S.R.Ayyangar said...

They are the most powerful breed , even the mistress of big wigs go in to shiver the day they bunk!