Sunday, November 10, 2013

People watching @ Cafe Coffee day


I spent a good part of this afternoon at a Cafe Coffee Day outlet, where I had a work related discussion. As I waited for the gentleman I was to meet and sipped on my Darjeeling, I suddenly heard a high pitched female voice say, "I don't care who comes for the wedding or doesn't, who eats what or doesn't, who does what..all I care about is my dress, my make up and how I look". I nearly choked on my tea and looked up.

For someone like me who loves observing people, a Cafe Coffee day can be a dream. To my delight, I looked up to see a couple completely colour-cordinated. Hers was a red top and white skirt, his was a red Tee and white pants. They sat with a woman who looked like a gypsy returned from Goa. Over the conversation I realised that the woman was a wedding planner. She periodically showered 'muaah muaah s' on the couple added with a 'you guys are the coolest'.
My smile got bigger and bigger, with the rather loud conversation. The wedding planner says, " And look at you guys, such togetherness in the colours". The girl shakes her head and points out, "But of course! CCD you know". 
The man takes out his phone in a bit, shows his school photograph to the planner, she squeals in delight. The girl says, " Its like a 40 year old tradition, you know..something like royalty"..shrieks again. 
The gentleman I'm waiting for arrives. There are more muaah s happening as the planner now plans to leave. The icing on the cake? The couple left to themselves kiss for long..some conversations end beautifully after all.


Susan Deborah said...

Life is made of such moments and they are the ones that stay longer than anything else, don't they?

Joy always,

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury said...

Yes Susan, I enjoy watching people..not because I want to pry..but because there are so many stories around them floating by ..ones that even they aren't aware of at times.