Thursday, October 3, 2013

Debi Pakkha

jao jao Giri 
anite Gowri,
Uma bodoi dukhe roeyeche..

The eyes are back
in black,
crimson too
if you please-
from rage shall we say
from numerous slayings and 
achievements few?

Durga walks a busy road
and pauses poignant
at a crossing-

Tribhubaner bhar
koreche joro
bhangete bholar tripti bodo

She turns her head at the madness of the joy
a welcome sound in Dhak
deafening at times,
the silence of resilience

She cranes her neck-
Mahishashur sits on the other side of the road,
horns and colour replete,
he sits everywhere, she notices
green and full of himself-

Childlike at times
a beard hides some poverty,
some lust too maybe?

She smiles,
hands raised befittingly.
Jao jao Giri anite Gowri..
Gowri comes
she stays.

A third eye opens,
everything else is closed.
Chandi rises
she destroys,
frees herself of promises

Uma bodo dukhe royeche
She laughs out loud now,
her trample massive
all pervasive,
She drowns.

The man with horns
folds his mat
his day and her puja over.

Uma, Ma Ma bole kandiche,
she takes a final plunge,
there is water everywhere,
and in some eyes-
some from the plunge,
some from life.

Jao Jao Giri
anite Gowri 
Uma bodo dukhe royeche.

- © 2013 Maitreyee B Chowdhury
(Intercepted by lines from song Jao Jao Giri from film Hirer Angti)
Disclaimer: Do not copy, will and can sue if necessary.

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