Thursday, October 11, 2012

People watching and discovering love in coffee shops

Yesterday while on my evening walk, I entered a small coffee shop. A couple, easily in their 70 s sat in the table next to me. I was idling time as I watched them. The lady pointed at an item in the menu, the husband who was frail and shaky immediately got up and bought it for her..over the next 5 minutes the lady very slowly ate from that bowl, while her husband watched her between she offered him spoon fulls which he took smilingly..suddenly the lady indicated that she wanted water, the gentleman almost ran to fetch her some water..after making her drink from the glass..he again walked around and fetched her some tissues..all as if a moment's delay would make it difficult for her..

There are certain people watching whom you feel that the world is all right after all.

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Purba said...

I can imagine myself with a silly grin and sighing.

What an adorable picture you've painted.