Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vulnerability and the goat

There was a time when I photographed quite a few goats..I'm fascinated by the element of casual grace in them..unlike the snake, the goat is like many humans who are not really aware of their moments of grace.

Yesterday while on a walk, I passed a butcher's shop..a goat was bleating. I usually avoid looking at the animal, because there isn't much to see in a butcher killing a goat..but yesterday I turned my head and saw the butcher who is usually seen with his hefty knife and too busy to care attitude, suddenly bend down and caress the goat..for me that one act of showing vulnerability as a man..was enough to make it feel that the world is not that bad after all. We are special sometimes because we are vulnerable & not the other way round.

( Image courtesy Google)

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Raj said...

I don’t think I can really say anything to do justice to what you have written. You captured that one moment and its undertone which shows humanity in a very different light! What fascinates me is your ability to see these things. It shows the beauty of your mind.