Thursday, July 26, 2012

When you dissolved in chocolate and I gulped you down

Conversations with a non existent YOU-

"I'm ordering Cappuccino with a dash of nastiness, please be there will you?"

I twirled a laugh and talked to someone who s never there, never smiles..never communicates & yet I feel the if through the eons of silence, and breathlessness breathing down my neck, with the electricity of a thousand tsunamis..

Don't narrow those eyes in restless edginess filled with inbuilt analyzers..I'm a'll never really catch me ..except perhaps wearing a smile..and while I'm wearing that..I'm still away..just out of your reach?

I see you all day, dissecting millions of that clinical, detached way and then there is that sudden ant crossing the road that you step away for..and I fall in love again..gushing down like a mountain spring..from where I know not.

The warm drink is suddenly cold, you've walked in..there's a dark blazer on another lift it and it covers you..from head to toe..I'm glad somehow..You are where, nastiness is only a dustbin away..Maybe I'll pour you down the drain?

I wander again..this time I see myself..getting inside my own dream..I'm curled up trying to make place for myself..

There's a cricket match going on and like the magic hatter, you serve tea to everyone around.."Another cup Madame?" and snort at ruby lips...All of a sudden the lady pours her cup on your head..My absurd laugh wakes me up..and I see myself struggling to come out of the blanket of my dreams..

I look at the coffee, I wonder if I can hide you in the cheap tropical waterfall scene, the restaurant wall shows..or dissolve you in the Purple chocolate that I just gulped down?

I've dropped my eyelash in your drink..SOMEHOW..I wonder if I'm fluttering somewhere ..deep inside you

You've left the blazer...I put it on...I'm nasty too.

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