Friday, March 9, 2012

For the love of reading

A book you read has to be loved, caressed, smelled & perhaps scribbled on too, while also almost writing another book on it? :))) pretty much the story of how I read!

In recent times, I've been taking ages to read a book, probably because of this habit of scribbling, where I go on and on dissecting a thought process, writing something that strikes me while reading a particular portion, etc. It has had the effect of slowing down the number of books I read. But then is one richer by the number of books one reads or how well one has read a book?

There are plenty of people I have seen who have read plenty of books, but their thought process has not changed an iota from from what their parents gave them. What you parents' give you is what you've inherited..But books give you that wonderful choice to grow on your add to your life what YOU want to.


Blue Lotus said...

Nice observation.Books open up new perspectives and forces you to think even if you do not necessarily agree to the point.

I read a lot of books and lot of people have told me it makes me weird or dreamy.Weird!

Raj said...

That is indeed a wonderful way to read a book. I agree and books redefine our thinking process. :) I too have this habit of writing my thoughts while reading a book, though I do it in a notebook. :)