Monday, December 12, 2011

The color of 'Brown'

Something about the shade of brown has always excited me..In a way perhaps it starts from the days of the British..where brown stood for anything Indian..we attained freedom and more..every time I see brown I try to find the secret smell of earth that I think is lingering within its me it is the color of age old secrets..well preserved in warmth of something undeniably me Brown is the color of 'What could be'..Today on my morning walk when I saw a heap lying scattered in careless elegance I was reminded once more of an essence of beauty beyond the life of what has been..

( Image courtesy Google)


D2 said...

Brown reminds me of Indian food and the soil; how close they are and how inherent the Earth always has been to every Indian's life.
It also reminds me of decay and the smell of something rotting. Rather disparate, but there it is.

Prashanth said...

Very well written....Conveyed so much in a less number of words...:) loved the last sentence.."Today morning....what life has been."

Raj said...

Very nice thought and beautifully written! Brown is such an integral part of our lives. It always reminds us of home and everything close to our hearts. Made me nostalgic! :)