Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Captain Jack Sparrow

Meet Captain Jack Sparrow( I thought he deserved a more dignified name than the Snowies and Blackies of the world)..while on my bike ride this morning..this fella, came from nowhere and raced along with me. Later as I was parking my bike, he wagged his tail profusely and smiled as only a dog can...While we shared a word or two about the woes of the world..( Me talking & he perking up his ears)...I found him still wagging his tale, smilie faced ( rather inappropriate for the sombre occasion, I thought)..It then struck me that the gent in question wanted a ride on my bike! As I sternly told him about my reservations of giving lifts to men..he looked disgusted and sulked..a free ride gone sour..sigh!

1 comment:

Nethra said...

You should have given him lift. Seriously! He's so handsome by the way.