Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beauty is a brief season

Beauty is a brief season

And the soul an eternity in time

If your love for me is truly ..true

Love me without the seasonal hues

The hair shall fall like Autumnal change

And spring bring forth wrinkles new-

The lines..a creak shall sound only louder

Where Green be mixed with Grey

© 2011 Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury

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Nethra said...

If people truly understand the truth behind beauty then they would stop seeking for it and find everything around them to be beautiful.

I liked the way you have linked the beauty to the seasons. Really good!

Jingle said...

fantastic blog,
get to know you via Paulami..

invite you to join poets rally week 40..


SUB said...

WoW!!! gr8 poem...truly, beauty is not only skin deep...but also temporary...its the 'beautiful' soul that remains...

Purba said...

Love me for me, love me for my soul...

Maitreyee Chowdhury said...

Sub, Purba, Nethra :) thanks everyone

Jingle said...

your title is divine,


Happy Rally.

M said...

Very interesting take !!!! liked it...:-)

JamieDedes said...

Truth. A wise perspective.

Nicely written poem and fine contribution to Poets Rally. Thank you!

Hope you enjoy your visits and visitors.

Pushhyarag2000 said...

I am happy I added you to my network at IndiBlogger. I visited both of your blogs. I read more extensively from this one. I find you a very deeply thinking and articulate personality with creative writing. The articles have close touch with life and the poems make deep impact.

This is an interesting piece about inner beauty; very likeable.

Would be very pleased with some critique by you on my blog. Will connect on Facebook to read your updates there.

I noticed from your bio that one of your interests is tree climbing! That's very enterprising.

Vinay said...

true love has no seasons, very true :) lively and lovely imagery here. thank u for sharing, Maitreyee! have a fun rally!

Here's My Poem For Poets Rally

Jingle said...

welcome ,

inspirational words..
well done,

Maitreyee Chowdhury said...

Thanks so much everyone..being understood & appreciated is all that any poet can want..remain indebted :)

Esteban R. Arellano said...

a week ago
i was listening to dylan
in my suv
while i waited for my lady
who'd run in
to the grocery store
to buy chile verde
& corn tortillas
i glanced over
and in my mirror
i see an old hand
the sun's rays
had lit it up
& i saw wrinkles
& flaws
& i was shocked
cos it was my hand
i remember
father & mother
how their love grew stronger
through the years
while their bodies
grew old & fragile
their soul & love
shone like the morning sun

ur poem has me remembering
& it's a good thing

good poem

later my sister


Maitreyee Chowdhury said...

@ times life can be so jarringly true isn't long as we remember these truths of life its easier to accept I guess..:) thanks for visiting