Friday, January 14, 2011

Night out with Indie Joe Sizzlers

We were celebrating my parents arrival in Bangalore and decided to take them out for dinner. Continental was unanimously voted as the choice for the day. I remembered somewhere someone mentioning Indie Joe. Once while on a walk while rummaging the numerously dotted with restaurants of Church Street Bangalore I remember this little joint stashed away looking rather fetching in it's vibrant mysterious colours. All decked up to beat the Bangalore chill if you will in style :) we stepped into Indie Joe around 8 pm on a week day. Thankfully bookings weren't necessary and we were pleased to find the place almost empty. It's always nice to have the entire restaurant to yourself you know. But it did fill up eventually, though there's not too much of a buzz and everyone's kind of laid back.

What strikes you immediately on entering Indie Joe, is it's size ( it's rather smallish) and the decor and the food of course a wee bit later. Probably one of the not gastronomically high charged places, an average meal here would cost around Rs 400. For those new to the place, it will charm you with it's very 60's feel, of old records on the wall & display of the rather jazzy instruments that are all well lighted up to give you a feel of the swinging days. The motifs on the wall and low hanging lights make for an intimate feel, enough for a couple to get cozy I guess.

The staff here is rather friendly and they sportingly indulged me in my inquisitive queries about each sauce and seasoning that dug into. To the un-initiated Indie Joe is known more for it's Sizzlers rather than anything else and if you can seat yourself during the happy hours, which ends around 8 ish they make quite good cocktails too. I wouldn't say that the Sizzlers are out of this world, no they are not..but neither are they bad. They have quite a range though of the usual Chicken, Mixed, Prawn and Fish Sizzlers & an in house special Indi Joe sizzler too. I opted for the Indie Joe special Sizzler and I would not recommend anyone that!! Opt instead for the Fish or the Chicken ones.

Nice, warm yet fancy in parts are words that describe Indie Joe, the ambiance, the sexy Menu cards, with Marlyn Monroe posing on them more than make up for whatever is lacking. Having spent a nice evening in this little place you can hop over to the little pan shop right across the street and gorge on some Masaledar Pan, if that's your style or just take a walk down the street and beat some of the calories you've put on while watching girls all dressed to kill and men hanging around in corners looking for a smoke.

Very Bangalore, very chilled out definitely worth a dekho if you voted for a continental evening with the swish Sizzlers.


Purba said...

The Indi Joe outlet in Gurgaon is so avoidable. Went there once and vowed never to go there again.

magiceye said...

in short visit it for ambience not so much for the food..

Alka said...

Now, you have stirred nostalgia dear... I have recently relocated from Bangalore...Church Street..Mainland china, Brigade road...oh what fun it was.Blore is magical...miss it.