Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ghanta Singh

If you are a 94.3 Radio one listener, you've probably heard of Ghanta Singh, cause this one man mania can't be missed. So whats so great about Ghanta Singh one might ask...well the name for starters!! Ever heard of a name as cool as that ..nah not since Phoolan of the Devi types ( who on blooming when on a bling bling bloom oops boom boom spree killing people) Oh well the comparisons are many Ghanta Singh manages to kill people too, but so effectively that they aren't even aware of it...ah such finesse I like. So what does this gent do, if you please well he pops up randomly once in a while & irritates people..seriously that's his Job! Now ain't that cool.. being paid for irritating people. Hearing Ghanta Singh one is reminded of Paresh Rawal in his crazy character in 'Judaai'..full of odd questions both, to the point of driving one crazy... Like most of the best comedians Ghanta Singh scores because of the matter of fact way in which he conducts himself. He conducts himself rather seriously and asks the silliest of questions, to professionals most of whom seem to be answering his silly questions with the utmost patience most front desk jobs entail.

At times, one can't but wonder why not one professional gives this gent a dose of his own medicine and out talks his silliness with more silliness that bores even Ghanta Singh..wouldn't that be great..absolute I'd say..Imagine Ghanta Singh being pissed off by a caller..jodi made in heaven I'd say :) Apart from his crazy questions, what makes Ghanta Singh attractive is his voice..the sleepish non fussy voice..relentless in his pursuit of madness with the occasional mumbling when his absolute madness threatens to cut short a conversation, the gent is intelligent enough not to broadcast it too loud & make a mess of the conversation before it lasts its natural delightful death. A typical example of the Ghanta Singh brand of humour is when he calls up a car dealer and asks about the winter offer on cars & what is the best time and season to buy cars since the company has a WINTER offer!!

To most of his fans, Ghanta Singh brings forth a moment of inhibited laugh in the mundane-ness of day to day life and that is saying a lot..Jai ho Ghanta Singh ;)

© 2010 Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury


magiceye said...

very true. he is a laugh riot!

Witty Jester said...

Another fan couldn't agree more!!!

umashankar said...

I used to be so skeptic of all those Santa Singh and Banta Singh (or Ghanta Singh, if you please) anecdotes before I came to live in Punjab. I know this is going to sound downright racist but there is something seriously amiss about these folks and I stand a changed man for life!

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee chowdhury said...

Thanks everyone for particlipating.

Harish said...

the way he irritates people is hilarious.. :-)