Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lost in Hatred

Hate what I have become,
Pompous & over confident, scrupulous to many ..kind but to some
In tears but some, memories flow in floodwaters
In Hurt some, in love some & then in hearts some as in pain I but remain
Hapiness of too many never brings joy to one, I guess
In pleasing an eternity of a confluence i lost on some that mattered
Streaks in the hurt, jammed, stuffed & silenced
Words but them all & feelings some
When hurt pours it holds barriers seldom
Like Lava from within makes ashes of the feelings most
While I in pondourous amaze watch the embers lighting, fuelling and burning the home that was!
Hurt is all I can be...
Yet the faith remains, that the lord within will sustain
And hope from the breast ring in
That all after all is not lost
And life in splendidness shall indeed again begin.

© 2009 Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury


Gyanban said...

Liked the central thought in your poem, pain is expressed quite lucidly.

Suggestion - If you could align the verses in quartets - chances are it could make for easier reading...unless of course this was by design.

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee chowdhury said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Yeah I do try to..this one was written like this so I just thought of putting up like this..but your are right breaking it up does help for better understanding.

Victor Guerra said...

Well written. Deep. Thoughtful.